Daily Cosmic Influences: Authority, Collapse of structure, Rebelliousness & Stubborness

tower crumbling

★SATURDAY is the day of SATURN: Endurance, Discipline, Structure, Ambition, Loneliness, Frustration, Depression, Spiritual Study, Authority, Teaching, & Career Goals

★It’s the 13th day of the month. 1+3=4 and 4 carries the vibration of the URANUS: Erratic Behavior, Strange Happenings, Innovation & Brilliant Ideas, Intellect, Greater Good, Community, Social Interaction, Crumbling of Structure, New & Exciting People and Places.

The mix of Saturn and Uranus is SURE to shake up some things. Structures we thought were in place in our life could crumble. We could also have brilliant ideas regarding our career, life path and place in the world.

★ The Moon is in Taurus but Void Of Course all day today until it moves into versatile and chatty Gemini tonight at 11:26pm {pdt}. Read more about VOC Moon HERE

Emotionally we are feeling uncomfortable and HELD BACK today. Inner tensions build and come out as argumentativeness or explosive feelings within our relationships. This can be a turning point in our lives. Either breaking free from people and situations that are constricting us or holding us back or a catalyst for changing the dynamics for the betterment of all involved. There is a REBELLIOUSNESS about and we want to do things the way we see fit and we’re not afraid to say so! It’s good to notice if we are being cold and distant and stirring things up just to show we are the one in control. We want what is new and brings EXCITEMENT now. We feel misunderstood and can easily withdraw into our own minds with frantic, anxious thoughts. We are quite stubborn now and don’t want to give an inch. Once the Moon moves into Gemini we will regain some flexibility.

Now is a good time to:

★ Value what you have and look closely before running toward what appears to be new and shiny

★ Pay attention to your thoughts and direct them toward what benefits everyone involved

★ Avoid being rebellious just for the sake of being rebellious.

★ Work for a cause or purpose not just for the sake of being right or in charge

 J-Ma  xo

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Daily Cosmic Influences: Venus, Jupiter and Moon in Taurus

wishing on a star

★FRIDAY is the day of VENUS: Playfulness, Sweet pleasures of life, Finding the Beauty, Kindness, Love, Luxury & Cooperation

★It’s the 12th day of the month. 1+2=3 and 3 carries the vibration of the JUPITER: Spirituality, Freedom of the mind, Meditation, New Projects, Financial Obligation, Lucky, Good time to ask for Money, Generosity, Manifesting, Abundance, Expansion & Overindulgence.

The mix of Venus and Jupiter brings a playful, optimistic vibe that prefers to look on the bright side and through the eyes of love. We are charismatic and dynamic and easily balance receiving through giving to others.

★ The Moon is still in the stable sign of TAURUS until tomorrow night when it moves into the witty and fickle sign of Gemini. {Moon is Trine Venus & Pluto and Square Jupiter}

We value our relationships now and it is easy to appreciate the little things that sometimes go unnoticed. It’s important to us to receive emotional satisfaction and recognition, talking through things easily and in a cooperative & polite manner. We have insight into what will create our ideal life now and we know what we need to dedicate our thoughts and time to in order to make it happen. The only issue is, we may be feeling much too lazy to do what is needed and instead indulge in our fantasies and desires. We have the willingness to WISH ON A STAR but we are less willing to do what it takes to make our wishes come true.

Now is a good time to:

★ Put your money where your mouth is

★ Express the gratitude you feel for the people in your life

★ Be cooperative and loving in your approach

★ Enjoy life’s luxuries but keep your indulgences in perspective

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Daily Influences: Jupiter, Double Sun=Moon, Moon VOC until it moves into Taurus tonight!


★ THURSDAY is the day of the JUPITER: Spirituality, Freedom of the mind, Meditation, New Projects, Financial Obligation, Lucky, Good time to ask for Money, Generosity, Manifesting, Abundance, Expansion & Overindulgence.

★It’s the 11th day of the month. 11 is considered a MASTER Number. Double 1’s are Double Sun energy. 1+1=2 and 2 carries the vibration of the MOON: Intuition, Receptivity, Nurturing, Feelings, Family & Friends, Fluctuating Moods, and Dreaminess

Mix this with Sun and Jupiter influence and you get a generous and giving nature completely tuned in to the needs of others. Insightful! Shining in a way that expresses a caring nature and an ability to listen and connect.

★ The Moon is still in the Impatient, Activity oriented sign of ARIES and is Void of Course today until it moves into the Grounded, Stable and more Patient sign of Taurus at 6:17pm{pdt}. Read more about VOC Moon HERE

We are more logical now as the Sun Sextiles Saturn. We can think easily and quickly. Our minds are sharp! Plus, we have discipline and order on our side so we can use the energy of the Aries moon to finish getting things we have started done and seeing them through to success!

We can easily pick up on what others need now and shine the light towards a better future. Action with purpose is important to us now. Once the Moon moves into Taurus this evening we will start to slow down and enjoy the simple, sensual pleasures. Delicious food, affectionate encounters and stopping to smell the roses will take precedence.

Now is a good time to:

~Exert your energy towards getting any last details done on projects in the works

~Enjoy activities with like-minded friends

~Be optimistic and have fun

~Work for a bigger purpose

~Take time tonight to slow down and enjoy your life

❤ J-Ma  xo

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Daily Influences: Mercury, Sun & Moon in Aries

Shakin things up!

★ WEDNESDAY is the day of the MERCURY: Communication, Mental Stimulation, Learning, Teaching, Adaptability, Health, Variety & Intellect.

★It’s the 10th day of the month. 1+0=1 and 1 carries the vibration of the SUN: Generosity, Celebration, New Beginnings, Relationships & Projects, Brilliance, Energy, Image, Shining your Light, Giving & Receiving

Mix these two energies together and you get vibrant communication, playfulness, a bright and cheery attitude, a lot of self expression and innovative new ideas and concepts!

★ The Moon is still in ARIES {Moon is Opposite Mercury, Conjunct Uranus, Square Pluto & Trine Jupiter; Venus Opposite Neptune; Mercury Sextile Jupiter}: One minute we are bright, cheery and reasonable and the next minute we are flying off the handle, reacting harshly to insecurities and doubts and operating completely from emotion. Our moods are erratic and seem to come from out of nowhere for better or worse. Plus, we crave excitement, something new that rocks our world! If things feel stagnant we may create a ruckus just to shake things up.

If we can see this now we have the opportunity to gain sudden insight into our self. Relationships feel strained and there is an undercurrent of aggression or control lingering. Transformation is most likely to come from eruptions in relationships that force us to look deeper into what needs to be changed. Meditation and Self Study is what will give us a deeper understanding now. There is a glimmer of hope now and we can turn situations around if we are willing to put in the work. Feeling sorry for ourselves or placing blame won’t change anything, changes must come from within.

Now is a good time to:

~Look within. Meditate.

~Integrate emotion and logic. Think before reacting.

~Stay Positive about the future

~Avoid dramatic outbursts and creating issues

~Be honest with yourself regarding relationships


 J-Ma  xo


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Daily Cosmic Influences- DOUBLE Mars Energy! Moon moving into Aries {TRIPLE that!}


★ TUESDAY is the day of the MARS and it’s the 9th day of the month and 9 also carries the vibration of the planet MARS: Drive, Impulsivity, Willpower, Leadership, Loyalty, Energy, Anger, Magnetism and Vitality

★ The Moon is still in PISCES but is Void of Course all day until it moves into ARIES today at 4:33pm – PDT, {Moon is Trine Mars}: VOC Moon meaning here: http://www.beyogaworld.com/void-of-course-moon-dates/

DOUBLE MARS ENERGY!! Super potent time! Then the Moon moves into Aries, ruled by Mars, so TRIPLE that! It’s GO time. That is some Fiery, nervous energy at your fingertips. Channel any excess you feel with physical exercise, getting projects going, working on what you are letting go with this last Full Moon, Taking initiative to reach out for what you want. It’s the final chapter and beginning of a New one where you LEAD the way. Avoid argumentativeness and pushing just to push.

You are able to handle any strong feelings you have now with ease. Your drive is accompanied with depth and insight and you are able to understand the needs of others. How you feel is directly linked to how and if you act now. It’s easy to get obsessive over your urges and desires. Watch for a need to control the thoughts and actions of those close to you.

Now is a good time to:

~Take action to resolve any financial issues that have come up

~Be resourceful with what you have and avoid excessive spending or overindulging

~Compromise and Be Open

~Use tact and control over your own thoughts and words

 J-Ma  xo

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Full Moon in Pisces: Heal & Accept old Wounds

Mudras for Healing & Acceptance

A bit about this Full Super Moon in Pisces on Monday, September 8th. A time to be compassionate and understandig with yourself and others. Any old hurts that surface from the past are coming up to be accepted and healed. Use this simple exercises to assist in the process.

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Full SUPER Moon in Pisces: Be Compassionate, Be a Dreamer, Be willing to Heal old Wounds

J-Ma’s Moon Influences



6:38pm Pacific Time


pisces by kirk reinert

pisces by kirk reinert

★ALL Full Moons have the strongest effect on us 3 days prior and up to 3 days after ★

The Moon is Full in Pisces on Monday, September 8th, at 6:38pm {pacific time}.

Full Moons are a time of Manifestation, Contemplation, Balance, Realization and Letting Go!



This full moon happens to be the 3rd  SUPER MOON this year, which means that the intensity level is heightened. It’s a time when the moon is brighter and closer to the Earth than usual and we are said to be able to feel its magical magnetic pull even stronger.

The moon is in Pisces {Compassion, Imagination, Sensitivity, Dreams, & Secrets} and is opposite the sun in Virgo {Reality, Practical Application, Health, Service & Details}. There is a need to balance your emotions, dreams and wishes with practical application and a realistic viewpoint.

Pisces, the sign of the Fish, is compassionate, caring, and sympathetic. They are the ‘soul of sensitivity’. Being very aware of their environment and what others around them are feeling is their key to easy flowing compassion. They bring an energy of irresistibility because they aim to please and serve. Being helpful is their strongpoint as long as the tendency to become a doormat or victim is not overlooked.


At no other time of the year are we as close to the astral realm as we are when planets are in Pisces. At this moment, the Sun is in Virgo — a sign of hard work, detail, and the place where we focus on the trees, ignoring the greater forest all around. This Pisces Super Moon can bring us back to the bigger picture, especially when we get overly caught up in minutiae. It may do this simply by making you loopy and unable to focus — but welcome the distraction! If you keep trying to focus like a laser beam while Pisces is pleading with you to drift and dream, you’ll just make mistakes anyway. So relax, and let those daydreams take over!

~Stephanie Weiss, Harvest Moon in Pisces, The super moon of your dreams.


The moon in Pisces, being opposite the sun in Virgo, is asking you to see where healing and service is possible without losing your sense of self. Now is the time to take a look at how you can bring more love and compassion into your daily life, toward yourself and others. Be discerning about who you are giving it all away to and less judgmental of the so called imperfections you see.

Can you be of service and love without losing yourself?

Can you be compassionate and understanding while still grounded in your own feelings & perspective without taking on the emotions & beliefs of others ?

Are you able to heal subconscious wounds from the past/childhood that you’ve been allowing to hold you back from applying yourself and sharing your most creative talents & dreams?


The funniest thing about the unconscious is that we all have one and mostly its contents are the same as everyone else’s. The details may vary a bit, but basically it’s the usual morass of anger, lust, envy, fear blah, blah, blah. We’re simply hiding what we all share, but somehow, somewhere along the line we’ve picked up the belief that it’s only us who has these feelings and we really need to make sure no one else finds out otherwise there’ll be all kinds of trouble!! This is how we collectively prevent anyone else owning up and ensuring that no one points out what’s really going on in the human psyche.

~Sarah Varcas, Mystic Mamma


Chiron {wounded healer} is conjunct this Full Moon and is allowing a flow of your loving energy to heal old wounds from your childhood and/or past(lives). What you feel now runs deep but the deeper you go the more you are able to get clear on what has been hidden and heal. Letting go of a need to feel sorry for yourself and agonize over what has or hasn’t happened is the key to finding real security within. Moments of solitude and confinement will bring clarity, understanding and freedom of mind. Meditate, breathe and BE.

You can imagine and dream BIG now so enjoy the visuals and fantasies that come your way and pay attention to your dreams as they will bring you important messages.

Dreams are answers to questions we haven’t yet figured out how to ask.

The Sun {personality} also opposing Chiron and Moon gives you the opportunity to look at your fears and stare them in the face. The tendency may be to run from what you see but you have the ability to see how old ways of being are affecting your personality so much so that you are not living from your truest desires and needs. This will allow you to see your weaknesses, NOT to judge them, but to heal them. Healing comes from ACCEPTANCE.

Be cautious, as feelings of weakness or inadequacy can leave you susceptible to outside influences controlling you. Which, in turn, will only bring more confusion about yourself and your purpose. You can stay strong by forgiving your mistakes. Stay aware of who and what you are giving your power to now. What or who you give your energy and power away to, is your “God”. Is that what you want to worship? Is that who you want to praise? People who serve as significant teachers for you can show up in your life now but you need to be clear on who you are and where you stand so you are not deceived or disillusioned.

With Mars {self} trine the Moon as well, you do have a strong need to get things off your chest and out into the world but because Mercury {communication} is square Pluto {depth} now, your deepest desires will most likely be withheld until you feel safe to express them.

mermaid moon.jpgTEXT

The Moon Trine Saturn {constriction} may have you feeling more secretive and need of some alone time. Since expressing your emotions may feel uncomfortable, you ONLY want to share them with those you know you can truly trust. Otherwise, emotions will stay hidden or suppressed. It is more of a private affair and so writing, journaling, meditating, dancing, painting, or any forms of creativity that allow you to express your feelings in a more intimate setting are wonderful. What you are healing doesn’t necessarily need to be shouted from the roof tops it just needs to be acknowledged and/or shared with someone you love and trust.

The Moon sextile Pluto {transformation} gives you great depth into the motives and feelings of others, as well as yourself, and you are ready to dedicate the energy needed to uncover hidden urges and desires that are blocking your progress.

You could fly off the handle with Mercury {communication} opposite Uranus {erratic behavior} particularly if you feel any thing, person, past history, or thought process is blocking your ability to free yourself from the confines of your own mind. You are quick to change your mind now on whatever it was you believed in yesterday. That is okay as long as it serves a larger purpose, your bigger dream, your highest ideals.

The key is to be compassionate towards yourself and allow healing to take place through more acceptance and less criticism and judgment.

You may be projecting and perceiving things incorrectly, living in a fantasy world and seeing things only how you want to see them or strictly based on emotions rooted in old wounds… BUT you may also be seeing things EXACTLY as they are! Tune in, your intuition is strong now, you will know in your heart where the truth lies.


“Let’s get real about the ole “What we judge in others is a direct reflection of what exists within ourselves” routine. To be sure, there is value in considering how we are projecting our own stuff onto others- that is a wise inquiry- but not every negative judgment we feel is sourced in our own stuff, or in some soulular memory of past life misbehaviors. Sometimes we are appalled by certain behaviors because we have evolved to the point where we can distinguish good from bad, healthy from unhealthy, benevolent from malevolent. It’s called healthy discernment. I have to wonder if this whole reflection game was invented by gurus who wanted to deflect responsibility when they were not living up to their professed standards. You call them on their stuff and they turn the mirror right back on you. It all comes back to good ole common sense. Sometimes we are projecting, and sometimes we are seeing things exactly as they are. Enrealment, or EnBullshitment- pick your path.

~Jeff Brown



Venus {love} is opposite Neptune {imagination} and square Mars {aggression}. There is a tendency to expect a lot of your partner now, easily finding criticism in everything he/she does. Projecting your insecurities outward is highly likely. If you find yourself feeling let down, as if your partner is not giving enough or condemning them for their extreme sensitivity, STOP and take a good look at where you are contributing to this. Can you have compassion and see where you can find a point of balance to work together on what needs improvement in your relationship?

It’s also easy to get caught up in a fantasy of how you want to see your partner, only to feel deceived once reality sets in. Realize that whatever you see now needs to be redirected back to yourself for review. Avoid falling into the trap of argumentativeness, denial and escapism. Ignoring the problem or burying it under overindulgence will not solve any issues. If you can look at things with an open heart and approach your partner with kindness there is great healing and affection to be shared. Imagine what it is you want from another and the most ideal situation. Be the one to give what you want to receive and watch your dreams come true.

If single, make sure you are seeing potential love interests for who they are. Be straight forward in your approach. You are likely to be drawn towards a more conservative type now who is courteous and logical.

When Mars moves out of Scorpio and into Sagittarius, September 13th, we will be less driven by our desire for power, sexual dominance, manipulation and intense soulful interaction and more driven towards fairness, justice, a positive outlook, freedom and truth.



★ Be Imaginative but stay realistic

★ Be Compassionate but don’t take on the emotions of others

★ Be Aware but not judgmental

★ Be Adaptable to change not stuck in the past

★ Be Pleasing but not at the cost of your own needs and wishes

★ Be Dreamy but pay attention to the details of what it takes to manifest your dreams



ARIES- Dreams, Wishes, Subconscious Mind, & Karma

TAURUS- Community, Friends, Hopes, & Groups

GEMINI- Career, Life Direction, Public Reputation, & the Father

CANCER- Higher Mind, Philosophy, Foreigners/Foreign Land & Metaphysics

LEO- Death & Rebirth, Transformation, Intensity, Secrets, Inheritance, Joint Finances & Sex

VIRGO- Relationships, Marriage & Business Partnerships & Legal Contracts

LIBRA- Health, Daily Responsibilities, Work & Co-workers

SCORPIO- Fun, Love, Creativity & Children

SAGITTARIUS- Home, Family, Roots, Internal World, & the Mother

CAPRICORN- Learning, Teaching, Communication & Networking

AQUARIUS- Values, Self-Worth, Material Possessions & Money Earned

PISCES- Self, Life Force, Personality & Image




© Written by J-Ma Jordan, Cosmic Yogini

Jordan Denae Macbeth 


Phone: 818-618-2289        Email: YogAstrology11@gmail.com

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TreeHouse Collective Grand OPENING in Tempe, AZ!

treehouse collective

Yipeeee!! The GRAND OPENING of The Treehouse Collective is TOMORROW!

Saturday, Sept 6th at 5pm!!!

My super creative and talented friend brings this beautiful space together and I have the honor of sharing in the festivities.

I will be offering you all MINI ‘COSMIC READINGS’ using the Cosmic Astro-Oracle Cards!!

★15 mins for $15★ and I am super excited to share.

  A TON of talent, local artists and LOTS of love! Stop by and say hi! :)

::A little bit about the Treehouse Collective::

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Daily Cosmic Influences-Jupiter, Uranus, Moon in Capricorn

cap moon

★Thursday is the day of JUPITER: Spirituality, Freedom of the mind, Meditation, New Projects, Financial Obligation, Lucky, Good time to ask for Money, Generosity, Manifesting, Abundance, Expansion & Overindulgence.

★It’s the 4th day of the month. 4 carries the vibration of the planet URANUS: Progressive Thinking, Unusual or Erratic behavior, Intellect, Social Interaction, Brilliance & Flashes of genius, Innovative ideas, & Excitement

The Moon is in CAPRICORN until Friday afternoon {Conjunct Pluto, Sextile Saturn & Neptune, Square Uranus, and Trine the Sun}

This brings an intense dedication to get down to the bottom of things and an INSIGHT to understand the motives of yourself and others. There is a SENSITIVITY in the air and you IMAGINATION is free flowing into expression. Make sure you are seeing yourself clearly, aware of every little detail, keeping your sense of self within the dream so that it doesn’t turn to delusion.

Erratic moods and emotional outbursts are possible. Especially, if you’ve been buying into SELF-DOUBT or obsessing over what you have, or have not yet, achieved.
Don’t be too hard on yourself. You can easily express what you feel now and BE REALISTIC about what habits and old patterns can be improved upon and shifted in order to make progress on your chosen path. You have enough foresight now to see where you need to get serious about your Life, Life Path & Health.

<3 J-Ma Jordan
Cosmic Consulting

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Mental Balance & Mind Control-New Moon in Virgo

Mudras for Mental Balance and Mind Control.

New Moon in Virgo was Monday, August 25th. It brought in alot of grounded energy to help us plan, organize, fine tune details and create a plan. Think and use logic but keep balanced mentally lest you get caught in the trappings of the mind and fall into perfectionism and criticism.


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