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Be Strong, Be Flexible, Be Ready for Change!
Be Strong, Be Flexible, Be Ready for Change!
Be Strong, Be Flexible, Be Ready for Change!
The Universe is Within You
Be Strong, Be Flexible, Be Ready for Change!
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Holiday Blues? PLUS, Yoga for digestion after Thanksgiving Dinner

A bit about overcoming the holiday blues.. PLUS, some Yoga for digestion after your Thanksgiving dinner and holiday indulgences.


“It’s not the conditions of our life that control our destiny, it’s the DECISIONS of our life.”

On the eve of Thanksgiving I know, personally, that the holidays can bring up alot of emotion for the better or sometimes WORSE, depending on our past experiences, current situation and frame of mind.

I will say that the holidays aren’t a BIG excitement for me. Often I love myself through alot of cynicism. I had many blessed experiences growing up and I’m thankful for that. But, sometimes as you get older and families fall apart, people move on, or pass on, and circumstances change the holidays are, and can become, a reminder of what you don’t have or what you have lost. This makes things a bit more challenging and less optimistic.

BUT, we have a decision:: We can create NEW memories, NEW habits, NEW rituals and traditions. You can let go of what you THINK things should be like and not allow yourself to get caught up in the consumerism or IDEA of what the holiday ‘should’ look like.Wishing you a beautiful day tomorrow. I hope you create new memories, beautiful experiences, and DECIDE to have a day that is filled with laughter and contentment REGARDLESS of your current conditions or circumstances. THAT is, what I have realized, is the only thing we have control over. 
PERSPECTIVE.I love you, 

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New Moon in Sagittarius November 2014~ Envision a BIGGER future, a more PLAYFUL You!


Archer Pose-New Moon in SagRED 

Top Photo from

J-Ma’s Moon Influences



4:32am {pacific time}

★ALL New Moons have the strongest effect on us 3 days prior and up to 3 days after ★ 

The Moon is New in Sagittarius, the Centaur, on Saturday, November 22nd, at 4:32am {pacific time}. 

New Moons are a time of starting over, new beginnings, taking action steps towards your dreams and goals, creating and renewal!

                                   WATCH THE NEW MOON VIDEO HERE 


The Moon is hooked up with the Sun in the Independent, Philosophical, Freedom Loving, Adventurous and All Knowing Sign of Sagittarius. Creating new beginnings around our Big Ideas, What makes us feel Free in this life, Our Higher Mind, Our Visions for the Future, and our Grandiose plans! There is a lot of activity accompanying this New Moon. Venus and Saturn are BOTH conjunct and influencing the Moon and Sun. Asking us to take a good hard, REALISTIC look at what it is we love and value about our self.

Where do we need to be more creative, playful and optimistic with the vision we have of our self, our own identity and place in this world?

How can we incorporate more of what we love into our life and have fun doing it?

Yes, it will take a serious, patient and dedicated approach to look at and fully grasp the depth and reality of your current situation and how you need to proceed moving forward. But, ‘AHA!’ moments are more than likely now!

“We are being asked to look at things from a different angle now. Changes in perception can shed new light on old problems. This can sometimes bring into question our most basic beliefs, which can feel unsettling at times. This is an important time to discern between what we have been taught to believe and what is true for us. It takes courage to question what we have always thought to be true, but growth often requires movement out of our comfort zone.” ~Anne Reith

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New Moon in Sagittarius November 2014

New Moon in Sagittarius November 2014

~ J-Ma’s Moon Influences~ Reports at

Be confident enough to be silly and playful.
Stay Optimistic in your outlook and vision for the future.
See yourself in a BIGGER BOLDER way.

Here are some Mudras and a Mantra,

“Ad Such Jugaad Such Hebeh Such Nanaka O See Beh Such”

to help you stay positive and diminish any obstacles or limitations that keep you playing and seeing yourself smaller than you truly are!


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Learn how to Flow WITH the Universe instead of against it. Yoga for your Sun Sign!


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Material Security, Full Moon in Taurus 2014

“J-Ma’s Moon Influences”

Read about the Full Moon in Taurus meaning HERE 


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★Material Security, FULL MOON in TAURUS ★
It’s me RAW and Untouched :) 

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Full Moon in Taurus: The lid’s about to POP OFF!

taurus by deviant art com

photo by

J-Ma’s Moon Influences


2:23pm {pacific time}

★ALL Full Moons have the strongest effect on us 3 days prior and up to 3 days after ★

The Moon is Full in Pisces on Monday, September 8th, at 6:38pm {pacific time}.

Full Moons are a time of Manifestation, Contemplation, Balance, Realization and Letting Go!


Can you feel the pressure building?!
The lids about to POP OFF!!

The pull between your material security & your soul desires needs balancing now. The light is being held over how you earn your money, organize your finances and financial resources.

Can you meet your needs while staying dedicated to your purpose?
This is the question.

I have been hearing of and from SO many people right now who are feeling like giving up. So many people have been turning back to the structured, corporate and/or systematic way of doing things. Taking back old jobs, going back to the 9-5 and feeling like they cant financially maintain on their course anymore. Some are throwing in the towel for good, others are going back to regroup & get a hold of finances so that they CAN continue. Taurus energy is slow moving and that is okay as long as we don’t fall into old habits and past behaviors.

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