Be Strong, Be Flexible, Be Ready for Change!
Be Strong, Be Flexible, Be Ready for Change!
Be Strong, Be Flexible, Be Ready for Change!
The Universe is Within You
Be Strong, Be Flexible, Be Ready for Change!
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I see your Radiance. I see your Light. It reminds me of my own.

It’s no secret I’m an Empath. I feel things strongly and pick up on the emotions and motives of others easily. In the beginning I thought I was just an overdramatic child who was being overly sensitive and making up stories in my own head. But, as time went on I began to realize the accuracy of my intuition and gut instinct. At times, even still, I temporarily forget and second guess myself only to be reminded once again that my senses and Clairsentience is high and NOT to be undermined or questioned by me. The wiser I get the better I get at maneuvering through this maze of feelings, thoughts, emotions, that are being emitted from person to person as I pass them in the store, engage in a conversation, make eye contact, feel their energy breeze by, catch a glimpse of them interacting, or walk into a room and FEEL everything that has been imprinted there.

There’s a point where you have to get past labeling it as ‘good’ or ‘bad’. We all have our flaws & imperfections. A bleeding heart tends to be the Empath’s Way. So, there comes a point when we sensitive beings, as MUCH as we want to love everyone, must realize that to determine that a person, place or thing is NOT good for us does not mean that we have to villainies it. We just need to stay away. We can’t help every single person and situation. We have to also determine what’s best for us and our OWN well-being or we just fall into a trap of trying to push out our own INTENSE feelings, with alcohol, drugs, food, sex, chronic relationship jumping or whatever our choice of escape may be.

I want to share a story with you about how we ignore our gifts, our radiance, our beautiful spirit and condemn ourselves to our past, our poor choices, our current situation and hardships.

Venice Beach

I picked up the vibe from a beautiful person the other day who is in a less than ideal situation. It was no secret he is going through a hard time in life right now. Learning, growing and working to overcome something that has altered his life in a negative way. I saw him in this situation feeling ‘less than’ good enough. I could strongly sense from him that he felt inferior and ashamed. In that moment I saw just how beautiful he really was.

I saw the hurt that he had experienced in the past. I saw that he was defining himself by this past, his past actions, and whatever situation, person, experience had given him a reason to now believe he was unworthy or incapable. I understood this feeling. I understand it all too well. I sensed that he felt I was superior from where I was standing. But, WHAT I SAW is that he could have switched spots with me and been standing in my shoes all the same. I could EASILY be standing in his. What he didn’t realize is that I am no different and no better just because I made a different choice at a different time.

In this moment I had some REAL clarity. I have felt these things too. I have felt inferior. I have thought others were ‘better’ than me. I have made bad choices. I have been terrified to speak because I didn’t feel adequate. I have allowed myself to be defined by my past and what has hurt me. I have bought into false beliefs of who I am.

Under the circumstances presented, yes, his situation was less than ideal. And Yes, I can understand why those feelings were there. But, it’s an ILLUSION.

I saw him for who he was in THAT MOMENT. Undefined by his past decisions, family, friends, choice of school, job……I SAW his spirit. I saw his radiance. I saw his ambition. I saw his sensitivity. I saw his desire to learn. I saw his vulnerability. I saw his need to relate. I saw his need to feel loved. I saw his hurt. I SAW HIS HEART.

I realized how much he is NOT his past. In turn, I realized how much I am not my past.

The past has no power


If ONLY we could SEE this. If ONLY those of us still hanging on, still feeling unworthy, still beating ourselves up for being imperfect, for being HUMAN, could SEE our own radiance the way another can. The way God{dess} can. The way the Universe, Divine Intelligence can….The way those who truly love us can.

Until then, we’ll never really know who we are. Until we forgive ourselves we’ll NEVER be able to be who we are. We’re too busy judging, defining, categorizing, and comparing. WE are the death of ourselves. WE are what kills our spirit.

You are radiant and beautiful and so, so perfect and you don’t even realize it. You SAY you do. But, Do you? Do you Love YOU? Love YOU

I love you. I see your radiance. I see your light. And when I, when WE, can’t see another’s Light & Radiance, let that be our reminder that we have forgotten to see our own.

~Namaste, J-Ma


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WHY Yoga and Astrology??

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THIS IS YOUR BIRTH: New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio is TODAY!

collapse and crumble

What to do?!?

If you can, Meditate/Focus TODAY on what you want to create–ALL of your positive intentions– as close to the time of the Eclipse that you can{2:57pm PDT}.
It is a POWERFUL time to create it!

~If you can’t get within a few hours before or after that is ok. Just make some time TODAY!
~If you have never meditated don’t worry….All you have to do is sit, breathe and focus on your intentions CLEARLY.

~If you are feeling not so positive, I understand, and I put together a video with a simple exercise for you to help yourself CONTROL these negative thoughts.

THEN, redirect your Focus! Give yourself AT LEAST 3mins to really bring to your MIND and VISUALIZE your Intentions. Write them out, Breathe them in. FEEL them manifesting. SEE it as if it already is!

“Issues from our unconscious world need to be brought into the light where they can be healed. What we aren’t aware of has the greatest chance of undermining our efforts. WE CAN’T CHANGE WHAT WE CAN’T SEE. When the unconscious becomes conscious, then we have a choice. It takes COURAGE to turn on the light and SEE WHAT IS IN THE SHADOWS. But if we can do that, then we are empowered to make changes, if needed.”~Anne Reith,

Read the Report HERE

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New Moon ~SOLAR ECLIPSE~ in Scorpio: Watch your shadow side

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The darkness will creep up so that you can shed some light. Be conscious of your thoughts & fears. Here’s an exercise to help you manage them as they come up and shed some light.

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New Moon~SOLAR ECLIPSE~in Scorpio: Be Passionate, Be Committed, Be willing to see through the darkness

scorpio new moon solar eclipse

J-Ma’s Moon Influences




2:57pm {pacific time}


Want to Learn More about Yoga & Astrology??

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★ALL New Moons have the strongest effect on us 3 days prior and up to 3 days after ★

The Moon is New in Scorpio, the Scorpion, on Thursday, October 23rd, at 2:57pm {pacific time}.

New Moons are a time of starting over, new beginnings, taking action steps towards your dreams and goals, creating and renewal!



Solar Eclipse is a time where the moon blocks the light of the sun for a period of time. During this time our solar energy is blocked. Habits and personality traits have the opportunity to be wiped clean. A fresh start is possible in a bigger way as the Solar Eclipse adds extra power to the New Moon’s energy.

“A solar eclipse is a New Moon with tremendous impact. The Sun that gives us life and lights our path is joined briefly with the dark and mysterious qualities of the Moon. The Moon blocks the light of the Sun. In this moment of perceived darkness, spirituality and the psyche combine anew, beginning another cycle in the spiral of our personal development.
All eclipses indicate change; solar eclipses signify beginnings and usually manifest as events in the outer world. At solar eclipses we: begin something new, make promises to ourselves, commit, announce, present ourselves, show up, make plans, select events, make decisions, rise to the challenge, make an effort, change, mature, take on greater challenges, travel at a faster pace, feel restless, feel pressured by deadlines and a buildup of emotions, experience a crisis and feel excited.
In astrology, we also note at which of the Moon’s nodes the eclipse occurs. North nodal eclipses have a personal orientation and symbolize personal identity, ego and the physical body. South nodal eclipses are other-oriented and symbolize a spouse or significant other, relationships and new perspectives based on interaction with others.
This is a north nodal eclipse, suggesting that we are being called to develop new skills and talents through independent effort.” ~Zodiac Arts


The Moon is hooked up with the Sun in the intense, deep, probing sign of Scorpio. Here the depths of our being get looked at and examined for transformation and rebirth. The dark side of this influence is jealousy, possessiveness, and vengefulness. The sunny side is that we become so tapped into and perceptive of our shadow side that we have the resilience, and determination to turn it into something beneficial instead of harmful. Jealousy becomes knowledge of our insecurities and an acknowledgment of what we truly desire. Possessiveness allows us to see where we are still attached and needing to be in control. Vengefulness shows us where we are focusing our powerful energy on another person or thing instead of on our own life and self to create change and transformation. 

This New Moon wants you to see where in your life you can grow past karmic patterning from old relationships and the way you approach your love life and manage your passionate nature. We are drawn back towards the past to an unsettled relationship connection that needs one last look before we can bring forth the truest expression of our love nature. We could also be drawn back into passions that were never able to be fully expressed and are being reconsidered for self-expression. There is a part of us that is dying, we are dying to an old way of being, an old way of living & loving. What we need now is to notice how tight we’re gripping or if we can allow this old skin to shed so that we may begin anew.


What can we let die in order to be reborn into our fullest expression?

Where can we transform our self-sabotaging emotions into helpful energy that consciously creates our lives?

How can we bring forth our passions that have been buried and forgotten?


Venus is closely conjunct (0°) the Sun and Moon in Scorpio. This will add even more emotional energy to the New Moon in Scorpio/Solar Eclipse. Overall, it will intensify our desire for affection, appreciation, and even money; and we may find that we draw to ourselves the means for getting some or all of these. Yes, this placement of Venus can amplify jealousy and mistrust in our relationships, and our desire can be so strong that we ignore our integrity and personal ethics. It’s important to remember that we still need to be considerate of others. We need to be honest with ourselves and with others because the less we withhold, the more intimate we can be. Venus’s role is to help us recognize what we want most; however, because we are in the process of healing old wounds, it might be helpful now to ask ourselves, “What have I been running away from?” and “Whom or what do I need to forgive so I can more forward?” As with most deep healings, we may need to give up something in order to get what we want, which echoes the theme from the Solar Eclipse. ~Anne Reith, “NEW MOON IN SCORPIO & SOLAR ECLIPSE – Being plunged into the deep end emotionally”

Tapping into our resilience and dedication is possible now. We can rise above our past and into the highest version of our self. But, FIRST we MUST acknowledge the deep, dark, shadowy self that needs to be recognized. Once we have seen the purpose and heard the message of what these emotions are trying to tell us we are on our way to freedom. 

We can work well with others as long as we are allowed to keep our independence. We want to understand things on a deeper, more spiritual level now. There is a lot of energy available to us to direct towards our passions. Make sure you are directing consciously and resist the need to control or manipulate others and situations out of fear of losing control.

“To escape fear, you have to go through it, not around” ~Richie Norton
solar eclipse.jpg TEXT FB 


Venus {planet of Love} is in the sign of Scorpio and we are feeling that deep slow burning fire of affection. We are learning and transforming through our partnerships now and we may burn everything to ashes first. Conflicts could arise and passion deepens. We are dedicated to whatever and whoever we choose.

If single, Magnetism is high and we want to relate on a deep level. Mystery and passion is what attracts us.

“This final Scorpio solar eclipse/new Moon is asking us to wrap up any unfinished karmic love business once and for all. This is the only way to ensure we start 2015 with an unrecognizably clean slate. The dramatic plots are reaching their final scenes now, and we’re really asking our souls and psyches the hard and deep questions. This is the final impasse. Let’s face it, letting go sucks and very few of us would say we’ve mastered the loose grip, especially where romantic relationships are concerned. The Scorpio transits always bring these darker lessons home. We get to meet the lovely shadows of jealousy, possessiveness and fear of loss in all their glory. But the good news is that this new Moon reminds us that we can get the lessons and do our Scorpio stuff in a completely revamped and infinitely more empowering way. Scorpio is all about the extreme metamorphosis.” ~Sherene Schostack


★ Be comfortable with intimacy and emotional depth

★ Be ready to LET GO

★ Be open to Rebirth

★ Be willing to rise from the ashes

★ Be prepared for intense transformation

★ Be understanding of your shadow side

★ Be committed to your relationships and your passions



ARIES- Death & Rebirth, Transformation, Intensity, Secrets, Inheritance, Joint Finances & Sex

TAURUS- Relationships, Marriage & Business Partnerships & Legal Contracts

GEMINI- Health, Daily Responsibilities, Work & Co-workers

CANCER- Fun, Love, Creativity & Children

LEO- Home, Family, Roots, Internal World, & the Mother

VIRGO- Learning, Teaching, Communication & Networking

LIBRA- Values, Self-Worth, Material Possessions & Money Earned

SCORPIO- Self, Life Force, Personality & Image

SAGITTARIUS- Dreams, Wishes, Subconscious Mind, & Karma

CAPRICORN- Community, Friends, Hopes, & Groups

AQUARIUS- Career, Life Direction, Public Reputation, & the Father

PISCES- Higher Mind, Philosophy, Foreigners/Foreign Land & Metaphysics



© Written by J-Ma Jordan, Cosmic Consultant & Yoga Instructor

Jordan Denae Macbeth 


Phone: 818-618-2289        Email:


Some information from the following sources:

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  1. I am passionate and driven and I know that helping more people and stretching my reach further means making more money. But, I want to do that in a way that is very heart centered and meaningful. I want to be led by people who are genuine, care about others and this world, and are coming from a place of compassion and love. This Group does just that and you will feel it right away!



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To ME, Financial Liberation means to be able to not only support myself and my loved ones, but to have TIME to spend with the ones I love and to have enough money to spread my love & my gifts, to help and to serve others wider and farther. As spiritual people we can sit around all day meditating and claiming that to want more money is somehow a bad thing.

We stay stuck in a small minded perspective that we ‘shouldn’t’ want money, we feel guilty when we do and we never have enough.




I believe  those of us who are living consciously need to step up to the plate and STOP COMPLAINING that others are using money for ‘bad’ or reasons that are selfish and begin being UNSELFISH ourselves. We do that by thinking BIGGER. Being UNLIMITED the way we SPEAK of living an unlimited life, let’s actually LIVE IT. Let’s put that into practice! If you are CONSCIOUS then what are you afraid of?? YOU KNOW YOU WILL DO GOOD THINGS WITH MONEY! You know you will use the money you make to help others and live in a way that benefits this Earth.

I want to help more people

I want to share what I know and love on an even larger scale

I want to have more time to spend with the people I love and enjoy in this short experience we call “life”

If what you are doing is not producing the outcome you really, really WANT then it’s time to take Action and get Guidance. Alexis Neely and Eyes Wide Open Collective are doing just that, Guiding you towards your Purpose and Financial Liberation.

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Here are some of my thoughts and experience I shared as I went through the Money Map Intensive:  

One IMPORTANT lesson I am learning from this #moneymap course is that:
To make a REAL living you have to get REAL and do REAL work.
By that I mean, work on your SELF.

As much as I do, and have done, alot of inner work, I am realizing how much fine tuning and restructuring is still needed and overdue. What’s cool about this course is these ladies are genuine and come from the heart. That’s why I dig it!

I need heart centered leaders to lead me. I don’t follow well and I don’t follow at all if you haven’t earned my respect. This group CARES. I felt it right off the bat and that immediately earned my respect. And I don’t mean that to say that all must ‘earn my respect’ in some sort of high and mighty way. More so, what I mean is – ‘Why should I follow you if I don’t respect what you’re doing and I prefer not to follow in the first place?’ Show me your heart and you’ll have MINE and then following won’t even feel like following because I’ll automatically gravitate right towards that LIGHT that shines from your heart.

Last but NOT least, this program is down to the details and nitty gritty of reality and stuff that so many of us artists, and right brained loving creators LOVE to forget about. 

Ali Shanti is specific and to the point on CREATING CHANGE.

“Be pulled by your desire to SERVE more, to GIVE more, rather than being pushed by your FEAR of not having enough.”

The more I hone in and get CRYSTAL CLEAR on my Purpose for WHY I am doing what I do and – the REASON I want to share my message – the more I am motivated. I can’t stop.


The stigma around making money in the Yoga community or if you are a ‘Spiritual Person’ needs to be completely RELEASED. A new day, a new perception, a new way is coming into being. SERVE MORE. Playing small serves no one. Self-righteousness helps no one.


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*Yoga & Astrology* WHY?

WHY Yoga and Astrology??

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I’ll explain a bit about my path and why it led me to this and WHY I am so PASSIONATE about sharing it with you. 

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Be Cosmic Yoga™ ::Yoga and Astrology:: Online Training!!!

Cosmic Yoga Training for FB

Yoga and Astrology


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Full Moon ~ECLIPSE~ in Aries: Be Rational, Be aware of who YOU are, Be SELF improved


Photo by: Shira Mune

J-Ma’s Moon Influences


3:51am Pacific Time

★ALL Full Moons have the strongest effect on us 3 days prior and up to 3 days after ★

The Moon is Full in Aries on Wednesday, October 8th, at 3:51am {pacific time}.

Full Moons are a time of Manifestation, Contemplation, Balance, Realization and Letting Go!




Eclipses are always a time of change. A Lunar Eclipse is a powerful time and one that allows us the opportunity to really gain some deep clarity, improve our consciousness and wipe our slate clean! We are able to go even deeper in reprogramming old ways of being than before. Eclipses are turning points for us to move forward even further and faster.

This Full Moon is known as the second of 4 “Blood Moons” and has biblical reference. All of these moons occur on a Jewish holiday. This eclipse fell on Passover and the next 3 of these will fall on October 8th 2014 {Feast of Tabernacles}, April 4th 2015 {Passover} and then again on September 28th 205{Feast of Tabernacles}.

Also known as “The 4 Horsemen” and a “Tetrad”, this is an extraordinary event that is supposed to only take place every 500yrs or so. According to history every time this has occurred has been a time of HUGE change and tragedy followed by a HUGE triumph. This is a time of great change you can be sure of that. However, don’t be so quick to fall into the dooms day trap because according to history any tragedy will transform into a great triumph. Awareness and openness to change is what is needed right now.


The moon in Aries, being opposite the sun in Libra, is asking us to recognize our truest self and to find the balance between exerting our will vs. being passive with what we want. It’s time to realize that taking a direct approach, being crystal clear of who you are and what you want, the unique qualities that only YOU can bring to this world, is what will liberate you now. Exerting your independence is of the utmost importance. Step away from the traditional and be open to what you want in your life that is ‘different’. THIS IS YOUR LIFE! Nobody can live it for you. Nobody can tell you what is right for you.

The more you bring out and share your truth, the more you will positively affect those around you, your community, and humanity. By owning your own brand of weirdness and stepping into your courage you lead the way for others to do the same.

When do you feel the most happy and true to yourself?

If you are unfulfilled in your life and relationships then now is the time to really look at how you can change, bring in more balance and eliminate the people or things in your life that do not give equally to a more harmonious existence.


“Lunar Eclipse brings a sudden awareness that autonomous self-expression is sometimes the only option forward. Our relationships, our societies, our ‘binding agreements’ are not worth the piece of paper they are written on if we are not contented with reasonable exchange of appreciation along the way. If things are rotten now it is because we neglected to take out the trash as it came to light.”

~Ang Stoic, Cosmic Intelligence

We want what is different now and we’re ready to take aggressive action towards making changes in the world for the better. However, moods are erratic now and we have to be careful not to act out rebelliously just for the excitement of seeing others get stirred up when we challenge their traditional beliefs or go against the grain of society.

There could be a lot of unexpected situations, emotions, and surprises now with the Moon {our feelings} joining up with Uranus {erratic & sudden change} and in a tug of war with the Sun {Identity & will}. Keep your nervous system calm by practicing mindfulness, meditation and stop each day to breathe deeply. The energy is extreme and on edge! Those who are less aware we will act out impulsively. Be the one to hold the space from a calm and rational place.

Our relationships are most affected and under change as this Full Moon Eclipse brings what is hidden to light. Anger and resentments that have been buried so deep we thought they didn’t exist will emerge. Passions run deep and that slow burn fire could suddenly BURST into a flame!

It’s either out of the blue events and emotions, that we had NO idea were even there, show up to wipe people and circumstances out of our life OR unexpected information arises to show us how we can improve and keep the fires burning. Whichever it is, it is there to bring progression, advancement, a deeper knowledge nd better way of life.

When the bricks collapse, the impact feels heavy and burdensome. But, once we’ve cleaned up the mess and cleared away the rubbish we have an entirely NEW foundation to build upon.

ARIES 2_symbol_by_SunCityJoker

Use the depth of your emotions and insight now to further improve yourself and your life. Conflicts that arise with others could be catalysts for great change as we are pushed into emotional self-confrontation and must reexamine our feelings.

Reviewing is good now that Mercury is Retrograde until the end of the month. You get more accomplished when you sit back and become the observer. Communicate as CLEARLY and AUTHENTICALLY as possible and REthink your choices, REview your options, REwind to put finishing touches on projects that have been ignored, REconsider your perspective of yourself and the truth of your identity, REtreat within for a better understanding and the best way to move forward once Mercury goes direct, October 25th.


Can you see where your emotions are off balance and need adjustment?

Can you regain control over your nerves and use your power not to control others but to control yourself?

Are you willing to trust life and have faith that whatever falls apart now is making way for better things to fall together?


“In sum, the day of this Full Moon in Aries is filled with complex energies that may have us feeling like we are all over the map emotionally, and many of us will feel a bit “weird” and restless. All of this energy can be positively expressed by opening our minds to new alternatives and perhaps altering our habits to better reflect who we hope to become, particularly within our relationships. Be as flexible as possible and adopt a spirit of adventure, which can produce discoveries that are well worth the effort. Because of the presence of the ongoing square (90°) between Uranus and Pluto, the more open and willing we are to change, the easier and faster we will get to the “real” issues and solutions.”

~Anne Reith, “Full Moon in Aries & Lunar Eclipse” – The train of change is pulling into the station! —


Venus, our planet of love, is in a push/pull with non-traditional Uranus and at odds with deep, dark Pluto. We can’t keep the lid on our emotions any longer, transformation and change is the only way out of the depths. Our love relationships are intense and powerful now. Stability is not likely.

Keep the peace or shake things up?? Shaking things up wins out! We yearn for excitement and loathe the traditional and mundane within our partnerships. If our partner seems to be pulling away or doing things differently, we may resist the change and wish to control them. That will get us nowhere. We need to allow for growth and let go of jealous, vengefulness or an urge to have the power over others. Finding a way to bring healthier excitement into our daily life and relationship will serve us well.

If you are single, you will be more drawn to the mysterious, unpredictable and exciting types now. If you are looking for permanency it will likely be hard to find at this Full Moon in Aries. Excitement, yes. Stability, not so much.



★ Be exciting and edgy

★ Be the one who does things differently ~ March to the beat of your own drum

★ Be true to yourself, KNOW who you are and bring it forth

★ Be less erratic with your emotions, consider others too

★ Be ready for any unexpected changes that occur and transform them into something beautiful

★ Be less attached to how things are so you may embrace what they become.



ARIES- Self, Life Force, Personality & Image

TAURUS- Dreams, Wishes, Subconscious Mind, & Karma

GEMINI- Community, Friends, Hopes, & Groups

CANCER- Career, Life Direction, Public Reputation, & the Father

LEO- Higher Mind, Philosophy, Foreigners/Foreign Land & Metaphysics

VIRGO- Death & Rebirth, Transformation, Intensity, Secrets, Inheritance, Joint Finances & Sex

LIBRA- Relationships, Marriage & Business Partnerships & Legal Contracts

SCORPIO- Health, Daily Responsibilities, Work & Co-workers

SAGITTARIUS- Fun, Love, Creativity & Children

CAPRICORN- Home, Family, Roots, Internal World, & the Mother

AQUARIUS- Learning, Teaching, Communication & Networking

PISCES- Values, Self-Worth, Material Possessions & Money Earned



© Written by J-Ma Jordan, Cosmic Yogini

Jordan Denae Macbeth 


Phone: 818-618-2289        Email:

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Full Moon in Aries~LUNAR ECLIPSE~Yoga+Astrology Exercises

Eclipses bring about total destruction, a crumbling of what was to WIPE THE SLATE CLEAN and rebuil anew.

Be prepared for change. Bring out your Inner Power & Radiance, Courage comes from the heart.

Here are some exercises to help you work with the energy of this Full Moon OR Anytime you need to release fears & bring out the power within you.

Plus, a BONUS mudra to help you if you feel like your life is going crazy and you need it to change FAST.


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