I randomly and in my most open/broken down state, as of late, posted this to Facebook this morning:


Words that rarely to never flow from my lips... These words can be hard to hear or even look at written here. Are you the same way??

I see others post constantly that they are in need of love, positive energy, good vibes, prayers, light.....and I always think it's wonderful, and I always take the time to stop {even if only for a brief moment} and send love and healing to the person asking. 

Though, I NEVER ever ask for myself. 

It crossed my mind this morning and then I thought, "no...I'm fine." 
This made me realize, this is what I always do. Repetitively. And since what I also do is QUESTION EVERYTHING, I asked myself:

Is it in an effort to keep from feeling vulnerable? 
An attempt to stay in a imaginary position of 'power'? 
Or is it just that I have still not gotten good at receiving? 
Do I think I don't deserve it?

I give & give freely but I don't receive freely. And as we all know, this blocks the flow. Which is the EXACT opposite of what I believe, what I teach and what I want to create. 
I am grateful for this realization. As simple as it sounds, I think MANY of us are still blocking this process without even realizing it. 
~I AM HERE TO RECEIVE just as much as I am here to give. In fact, there is no giving if there is no one to receive. Today, I RECEIVE.~

  Therefore, in an effort to break this pattern and allow myself to feel vulnerable and highly uncomfortable: I'm asking for your prayers, love & healing energy. Please send them my way. 

I have been unwell all week and I feel like I could really use some support from those around me and in my community. Thank you.

Someone sent this to me from love and support today and I wanted to share it with you...

 I began to write a quick comment, in response to the almost 90 comments of LOVE I received, to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. Apparently I had ALOT to say, so I figured I'd just share on my blog. Here's my response to the love and support that I am SO GRATEFUL to have received from a beautiful community of people today:

I keep seeing the AMAZING sharing of love and support pouring out from all of you and I want to thank you each individually and comment on all of your posts specifically but I feel quite overwhelmed {in an obviously GOOD way}. 

At first, I was feeling a bit emotional. Feelings of fear of judgment on how this post may be perceived by certain people, mixed with feelings of liberation and relief for stepping out of my own comfort zone, brought me to tears. Then, the comments, private messages, texts, etc kept flooding in! Supportive messages from my loved ones, friends, acquaintances, new friends, people I don’t even know or haven’t met yet……UNBELIEVABLE. Then, waves of doubt, insecurity, and embarrassment started creeping in. That’s okay. Because it’s all part of the process. 

I know that I am 100x’s CLOSER to being less concerned with other’s judgments and, in turn, realizing IT’S ONLY MY OWN JUDGMENTS I NEED TO OVERCOME.

I am 100x’s closer to complete release of this irrational fear of asking for what I need, which means I’m even closer to receiving what I need!

I am 100x’s closer to being completely comfortable with feeling vulnerable and even closer to living this way consistently & courageously and THAT is where the miracles happen


It was allowing myself to ask... that's what I wanted to accomplish. Because, to overcome, I felt I needed to make myself uncomfortable by doing what I felt instead of hiding in fear....only to make more excuses to myself. I know that I'm uncomfortable with vulnerability. And it felt like it was time to make changes that I haven't allowed myself to fully make yet. Because I know that, IF WE WANT SOMETHING TO BE DIFFERENT WE MUST DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT. 

So, to clarify and answer people’s questions that have been reaching out to ask, It's not that life is awful or that something horrible has happened...or that I don't have love and support in my relationship or family. It's FAR FROM THAT. That's not something that is required in order to truly need support, to ask for it, or to get it. That is A reason, but not the only reason and not mine. 

I wanted to know what it felt like to be on the receiving end of powerful prayer and good energy in mass by willingly asking for the support and moving through the fear. I wanted to experience asking in this way because it works and I felt in need of it. I see that asking/receiving has been a block of mine. I wanted to chip away at that block. I think I chipped out a BIG chunk thanks to the love & support of my community {all of you}.

Life and the mind can have a way of making you feel broken, broken down, exhausted and lost. Sometimes you feel like you wanna just GIVE UP. Those are the times you need love. Those are the times you need support. Those are the times to receive from all the beauty and beautiful people around you. Don't close off to all the support around you. It's there if only you are willing to SEE and ASK.


♥ THANK YOU ALL for giving and being a part of the growth process....Thank you for allowing me the ability to receive in this way. 

I hope those of you who have the same ‘imbalance’ of give and receive & the same fears, will be inspired to step forward, through them and straight into them. You are worth it. 

I know now, it’s not about the ‘WHY’ I feel this way. I’ve asked WHY my whole life. It’s about the ‘WHAT’. WHAT is it that is blocking your flow? Once you know the WHAT, dissecting the WHY is not as important anymore. The WHAT is what’s holding you back! WHAT is it?! 


Assess the WHAT and then move through the fear, That’s what will get you to the other side of it.





Full Moon in Libra-Blood Moon: LUNAR ECLIPSE :Be Fiercely YOU, Be Fair, Be Cooperative

J-Ma’s Moon Influences



12:42am Pacific Time


★ALL Full Moons have the strongest effect on us 3 days prior and up to 3 days after★


Full Moons are a time of manifestation, contemplation, realization and Letting Go!

The Moon is Full in Libra on Tuesday, April 15th at 12:42am {pacific time}. 

Libra rules our relationships, others and contracts. Your relationship to yourself and to others is brought into light and emphasized right now. A Lunar eclipse is a time where MUCH insight can be gained if you are open to the energy and message. It’s a time where there is something significant to be revealed. A time where your energy is able to come even more into alignment than usual.


The moon is in Libra{relationsips & others} and opposite our Sun in Aries{Self Expression & Force} right now. I have seen so many people sharing their self-expression and personal passions with others right now and really putting who they are out there, taking action in their authentic self-expression in a way that helps and serves others. This is a great way to find balance and honor others as well as your self.


There is always balance that needs to be found during a Full Moon and this one pertains to communicating your own needs in a way that serves you and your relationships.


Full Moon in Libra is a time to Be Cooperative and Fair

This full moon asks us to look at how we are being authentic or superficial in our interactions with others.


Are you allowing your true nature to be suppressed in an effort to live up to society’s standards?

Are you pushing down your own needs and desires in order to maintain a relationship with another?


This will come to the surface now for a good look as to why you feel the need to neglect your own best interests and hearts longings. Great INSIGHT can be found now and solutions will be revealed. The answers may not be immediately clear but if you are putting in the effort to see, you will gain more clarity and have the ability to see farther than before. Stretching your mind and perspective to a higher limit is highly likely now.

Tact and agreeability is needed to a certain degree but not at the expense of your true nature. If something needs to be said it can be said with care and diplomacy as well as regard for the other person. Here is where you will find your strength.


It’s important to notice if you are being fair and just in your interactions and relationships. Do your thoughts and perspectives serve you and those around you? You can bring beauty and cooperation into your inner and outer environment if you take the time to notice where you are off balance.




Eclipses are always a time of change. A Lunar Eclipse is a powerful time and one that allows us the opportunity to really gain some deep clarity, improve our consciousness and wipe our slate clean! We are able to go even deeper in reprogramming old ways of being than before. Eclipses are turning points for us to move forward even further and faster.


This Full Moon is known as the first of 4 “Blood Moons” and has biblical reference. All of these moons occur on a Jewish holiday. This eclipse fell on Passover and the next 3 of these will fall on October 8th 2014 {Feast of Tabernacles}, April 4th 2015 {Passover} and then again on September 28th 205{Feast of Tabernacles}.


Also known as “The 4 Horsemen” and a “Tetrad”, this is an extraordinary event that is supposed to only take place every 500yrs or so. According to history every time this has occurred has been a time of HUGE change and tragedy followed by a HUGE triumph. This is a time of great change you can be sure of that. However, don’t be so quick to fall into the dooms day trap because according to history any tragedy will transform into a great triumph. Awareness and openness to change is what is needed right now.


Right now, ask yourself when do you feel most YOU, most happy, most true to yourself? 

If you are unfulfilled in your life and relationships then now is the time to really look at how you can change, bring in more balance and eliminate the people or things in your life that do not give equally to a more harmonious existence.



Be Fierce with what you believe you deserve!

Stay cooperative but authentic in your actions have confidence in your worth. 



Pluto{Planet of Intensity & Transformation} turns retrograde now along with Mars{Planet of Aggression & Force} and Saturn{Planet of Karmic Lessons & Discipline} and will stay this way until September. Man oh man are we in for a wild ride. Intense feelings that have been buried, aggressions, frustrations, self-doubts and jealousies that have been lingering underneath the surface are coming up for healing and release. Whatever we have reaped we will now sow. Your past actions will come in now to either haunt you or help you. It depends on how consciously or unconsciously you have been living. If you have done the work, your best to deal with these feelings as they’ve come and taken the time to face the darker side of your nature and behavior there will be rewards of insight and clarity. You will finally see all your hard work and efforts pay off and receive blessings & recognition from others. If you have been avoiding these feelings or behaviors you will not be able to anymore. The cosmic influences will push them to the surface or events outside of your control will force you to reevaluate and change. Resisting will only cause persisting.

There is a need to have power and control right now but forcing control will not serve you.


Let go and Let Life guide you.


Be cooperative towards life and whatever comes and life will guide you towards transformation for the better. Immense insight will be yours. In order to rebuild a better more effective, more authentic, and stronger YOU, some habits, ideas and behaviors MUST crumble and be able to fall apart. Let the fire burn what is holding you back from enjoying your life and relationships and transcend to the heaven of your own making.



Venus {planet of love & beauty} is conjunct Neptune {planet of illusion, dreams & wishes}. Be sure that you are seeing your partnerships in a realistic light. You will be feeling very giving and compassionate towards your partner. The key is to make sure that whoever you are feeling like serving in this way is treating you equally with respect and care and that you are not being walked all over and sacrificing much more than you are receiving.


The flip side of this is that you could feel a deep spiritual connection to your partner. The time you have put into your relationship could feel like a dream come true where all your wishes are being met. With pluto{planet of intensity & depth} sextile venus you will need your relationship to have depth and meaning. A sort of intensity that has not been there before or you could attract a relationship like this right now. Superficial interactions will be less fulfilling and if you are single you will want to truly connect with someone on a deeper and more spiritual level. You will be drawn to the mysterious, the dreamer.

Now you can deepen your relationship.




~Take time in solitude to be with yourself. Meditate, breathe deeply and gain more insight into yourself, habits and deepest needs.


~Release any relationship or situation, person or thing that is not in your best interest that is holding you back and keeping you from living your happiest most productive life.


~Deepen your most intimate relationship and go beneath the surface to realize your dreams and wishes with this person. Give freely and be compassionate & open to vulnerability. If you are single, look for those that can meet you on the same spiritual level and have meaningful interactions with you.


~Deal with anger, jealousy, frustration and anxiety by acknowledging these feelings as they come up. Forgive yourself for being human and do the inner work to understand where these emotions are coming from. Acknowledge, understand and let go.


~Be aware of your relationship with yourself and others. Notice how you are communicating in a superficial way and remember what is important to you. Cultivate authentic expression and interaction with others.



ARIES- Relationships, Marriage & Business Partnerships & Legal Contracts

TAURUS- Health, Daily Responsibilities, Work & Co-workers

GEMINI- Fun, Love, Creativity & Children

CANCER- Home, Family, Roots, Internal World, & the Mother

LEO- Learning, Teaching, Communication & Networking

VIRGO- Values, Self Worth, Material Possessions & Money Earned

LIBRA- Self, Life Force, Personality & Image 

SCORPIO- Dreams, Wishes, Subconscious Mind, & Karma

SAGITTARIUS- Community, Friends, Hopes, & Groups

CAPRICORN- Career, Life Direction, Public Reputation, & the Father

AQUARIUS- Higher Mind, Philosophy, Foreigners/Foreign Land & Metaphysics 

PISCES- Death & Rebirth, Transformation, Intensity, Secrets, Inheritance, Joint Finances & Sex


© Written by J-Ma Jordan, Cosmic Yogini

Jordan Denae Macbeth 

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Yoga tips for Anger & Anxiety, Cardinal Grand Cross & Cosmic Influences 


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Cardinal Grand Cross: The Universe will bring you to your knees & YOU WILL SURVIVE!

 All of this intense Cosmic Energy has brought me to my knees. Literally.

Saturn the planet of Karma & Lessons has ruled its heavy hand and joined forces with my natal moon.

In plain English: My feelings & health are heavily influenced by big lessons, hardships and discipline in my house of health and daily life. Saturn wants me to get down to business and restructure any emotions that are not serving me or supporting me with a solid foundation.


Is your Moon or any other planets in Scorpio?? Saturn may be conjunct and causing you to feel more responsibility and burden than is actually there….


This also means that right now my workload and life in general can feel VERY heavy regardless of how much that is actually accurate. And let me tell you, regular responsibilities have weighed me down so much lately….I just keep pushing through.


Now, my body has said, “NO MORE”.


This week took me to my knees. My legs felt as though they were 100lbs each! My stomach started its rumbling and when I tried to work on anything my brain just WOULD NOT cooperate. I’ve always been a hard worker and, believe it or not, I’ve toned it down quite a bit. However, from time to time my workaholic efforts get the best of me and I have to be reminded of where I am pushing it once again.


Life stepped in. SLEEP, SLEEP & MORE SLEEP… 7pm at night until 11am in the morning….My body just wouldn’t do anything else. YES, I’m a yoga teacher and if you think that means I should never get stressed out then you are disillusioned. ALL of us, no matter the path, are human and get off course from time to time.


I’ve noticed that I spend time giving a lot of myself…. Giving energy, giving time, giving effort, giving remedies to others to help them with de-stressing and relaxation, giving support, giving advice, giving, giving & GIVING. And while I do not want to stop giving, there comes a time when I must remember to RECEIVE.


RECEIVE SO THAT YOU CAN GIVE. It’s easy to say this and yes I do give to myself through meditation and yoga. (Although, my yoga practice has suffered a bit lately)  But, what about time for fun? What about time for enjoyment and your personal life? What about a day where you just don’t have to think about work, putting together a project or a class or anything at all for that matter!



That’s what I have forgotten. Have you??


This past week the Universe has brought me to my knees. I’ve gone from Tears, to Anger, Frustration and just plain EXHAUSTION. I’m not afraid to be human, I am human. And the reality is, some days you just don’t want to get out of bed. So, you don’t.


It’s been important for me to remember that I can’t be everything to everyone else without being something for my self FIRST. I pride myself on being reliable and responsible. I prefer to show up and follow through and sometimes at all costs. If you are this type of person too, the question is “WHAT IS IT COSTING YOU?” Sometimes, we have to be willing to let others down because otherwise we will not be serving our own needs. If others choose to get angry with you, that is on them.


When you are rewiring the ways in which you’ve chosen to believe and the concepts you have hung onto SO tightly your whole life it can feel like electrocution!




BUT you know you have come to a point where you are just SICK of those old beliefs because you KNOW in your heart of hearts that they haven’t served you or gotten you to where you want to be, living the life you know you can live. It’s ALL okay.


REST. Let the changes take place.

CRY. Let the energy be in motion{e-motion} because if it isn’t moving then it’s STUCK. And stuck is exactly where you do not want to be.

FALL APART. When you let things fall apart you have the opportunity to put them back together exactly the way that you want them and in a way that serves the new you and your new perspective.


I love being the Super Sensitive, Non-Traditional, sometimes considered “Eccentric” being that I am. I wouldn’t change it for the world or anyone in it. I FEEL Deeply, I am TUNED IN Tremendously to others and my environment, I am NOT buying into Traditional concepts UNLESS they fit my mood and desires {which they RARELY do} and I absolutely LOVE being immersed in Astrological, Cosmic knowledge and Alternative {Ancient} ways of healing regardless of how many ‘judge’ this, categorize me or LABEL me “Crazy”, “Flighty” or otherwise.

I AM ME and I spent a looong time hiding it and feeling ashamed because of others and their religious beliefs or otherwise. I had to really work through expressing who I am…..






Did you think I’d crumble? Did you think I’d lay down and die?!


{recognize that tune?} ;)



Feel the Fear and Keep loving your self through it!





We are already feeling these effects and have been for awhile. And the energy is not done once the date passes….we will feel this through to summer and there is more to come. However, it is believed that this is one of the strongest of these aspects this month. Let me break down what this will mean.


Jupiter in Cancer: Square Uranus & Mars, Opposite Pluto

Pluto in Capricorn: Square Uranus & Mars, Opposite Jupiter

Where can you expand your inner world and how are old beliefs that have been conditioned by the past holding you back?


A Transformation of your structure and foundation is necessary and will come about whether you are willing or unwilling. Being adaptable only helps YOU to adjust to the changes that are necessary for your growth. Freedom is needed for growth and expansion. You may feel at odds with any others in your environment that appear to be holding you back and could act impulsively or rashly.


There is a spirit of adventure & rebellion in you now however fear of letting go of old ways of being and how you have set up your life could be holding you back. If you will let it go you will be able to see more clearly the bigger picture. Have faith and optimism that the changes you make will bring about great opportunities. The changes that occur now may feel shocking but they will be significant to your happiness when you take action from your hearts deepest desires.


Mars in Libra: Square Pluto &  Jupiter, Opposite Uranus

Uranus in Aries: Square Pluto & Jupiter, Opposite Mars

This can cause us to feel very stubborn about the changes that are occurring. But, a stubborn or fixed attitude will do no good. We may feel intolerant and impatient, nervous and high strung. With Mars {planet of action and aggression} turned retrograde the energy is more inward focused. Therefore, you will need to assess your relationship with your self. How do you take a stand for what you believe in?

Tempers may flare and if you withhold what you are feeling it will build up inside and could potentially affect your health in a negative way. The other potential is that you will explode in a fit of anger having held inside all that you have been feeling. FIND A WAY TO RELEASE AGRESSION in a constructive and productive way. Get out and exercise and move your body. Be careful of being too domineering in your relationships and/or bullying others.



In Conclusion


Take a stand for what you believe in and do it with grace and charm

Express how you feel honestly with consideration for others. Do NOT hold it inside or it will erupt in anger or turn into illness.


Exert your independence and true to what is right for you but avoid rebellion just for the sake of it.


Have honest interaction in your relationships and the courage to speak your mind but resist being overly stubborn and argumentative.

REST. If you are feeling overwhelmed and your nervous system is maxed out then retreat and get the rest you need to withstand all of the challenging energy swirling around.


Ask yourself where you have been denying your self the freedom of expression you need, your heart’s deepest truths and how you can transform your restrictions into growth.


Where does your so called stability and structure need to be changed so that you can move on from your old out dated beliefs?


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NEW MOON IN ARIES: Be Strong, Be Flexible, Be Ready for Change!


SUNDAY, March 30th 2014

11:44am {pacific time}


★ALL New Moons have the strongest effect on us 3 days prior and up to 3 days after ★ 

The Moon is New in Aries, the Ram, on Sunday, March 30th, at 11:44am {pacific time}.

New Moons are a time of starting over, new beginnings, taking action steps towards your dreams and goals, creating and renewal!


Aries rules the self, authentic expression, standing up for your self and your truth and moving on. The New moon in Aries is ready for movement and with Uranus {planet of sudden shock & surprise} we could get movement in places we are least expecting it. There is a tendency toward impulsivity and acting out right now. The New Moon is bringing awareness to this and your higher mind. It’s time to plant the seeds we want to grow more carefully in regards to how you see your self and where you are constricted in thought processes that are affecting your freedom and ability to feel free.

The cosmic energy is very volatile right now and there will be unexpected thoughts, self awareness, reactions and events.

Shock & Surprise are the theme of this New Moon and your ability to stay flexible is so very important right now. Although, this may feel extremely challenging especially for those who are used to things a certain way and aren’t willing to let go of how things were.


Being stuck in a comfortable routine will not serve you right now. The time for change is here.

We’ve been getting gentle nudges from the Universe. Whether you’ve chosen to listen and adapt has been up to you. This influence is less of a nudge and more of a PUSH! If you’re not prepared you could get shoved right off the edge.


This energy is definitely electric and exciting. Your career and/or relationship to the public could be affected in a negative or a positive way depending on what you’ve done up to this point. If you have been true to your self and followed your heart in your career, worked hard & have been honest with your actions then you could receive some sudden positive recognition for your efforts. On the other hand, if you have been confined, closed off to your true desires, purpose and authentic nature and dishonest with your self and others you could start to feel agitated, restricted and in desperate need to break free. Making sudden changes that alter your course or cause an unfavorable viewpoint of your actions could occur if you act impulsively and without care for others. OR The Universe could just pull the rug out from under you with no warning causing you to face what needs to be altered.




If you don’t acknowledge your feelings you will be forced to see how this is being neglected and make a change. This is a time of Liberation. Anything that has been making you feel confined and is no longer working will bring you to your wits end. You will feel you can no longer maintain and if you can’t find a way to find some freedom in it you will just up and leave it!

Be cautious of being overly resistant towards others, dramatic and confrontational as well as lashing out frantically. TRY to pause, breathe and speak honestly but effectively, with care. True strength comes when you are able to acknowledge how you feel, accept your emotions and be kind and gentle in your expression.

"Nothing is so strong as gentleness, and nothing is so gentle as true strength." 



Venus {planet of Love} has been in Aquarius since the beginning of March where it has cooled and distanced our feelings. We may have been feeling like we’ve needed a little more space than usual in our relationships. If we haven’t taken physical space from our partner it may have been more mental space needed. Now, beginning April 5th Venus will move into Pisces. This means that we will soften and become more sensitive and intuitive.

Your emotions will become more prominent now, your compassion more obvious towards your partner and you may be wanting more romance in your life. Pisces is dreamy and tends to see things through a foggy lens sometimes. Be clear that what you are seeing is what is real. Use all that sweetness to serve your partner but stand your ground as your own unique person. Being a loving partner is important, never at the detriment of your own being. And with Mars in Libra, opposing Uranus in Aries, it’s important to create change for the better. Make a change if you feel held back, suppressed and unable to express your true self in your relationships. Otherwise, focus on finding the balance between the give and take and consciously create the change you wish for, to create the life & love you dream of.



Let the waves of emotions be there, acknowledge them and allow them to wash out the old so you can build new & stronger structure in your inner and outer world.

Express any anger or frustration that comes up in a productive way. Exercise, eat healthy, stay nourished with vitamins & nutrients, rest when you are feeling drained and practice breath work & meditation to calm the mind.

As we approach this Cardinal Grand Cross that peaks in April, the tension is building and the best way to avoid blowing things out of proportion is by acknowledging the inner depths and dynamics of our own needs, truths & desires.

Remember you are the conscious creator of your life. Even as these intense astrological aspects may rock your inner & outer world, shifting you and moving you around, it is ALL for the betterment of your world and the whole. All you have to do is breathe and go with the flow. Have faith that you are able to choose your thoughts and your reactions. You are NOT a victim.

When you remember your strength lies not in the ability to control your environment but in your ability to adapt to it you will be able to stand strong through any changes that occur.




ARIES- Self, Life Force, Personality & Image

TAURUS- Dreams, Wishes, Subconscious Mind, & Karma

GEMINI- Community, Friends, Hopes, & Groups

CANCER- Career, Life Direction, Public Reputation, & the Father

LEO- Higher Mind, Philosophy, Foreigners/Foreign Land & Metaphysics

VIRGO- Death & Rebirth, Transformation, Intensity, Secrets, Inheritance, Joint Finances & Sex

LIBRA- Relationships, Marriage & Business Partnerships & Legal Contracts

SCORPIO- Health, Daily Responsibilities, Work & Co-workers

SAGITTARIUS- Fun, Love, Creativity & Children 

CAPRICORN- Home, Family, Roots, Internal World, & the Mother 

AQUARIUS- Learning, Teaching, Communication & Networking 

PISCES- Values, Self Worth, Material Possessions & Money Earned


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© Written by J-Ma Jordan, Cosmic Yogini

Jordan Denae Macbeth 


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